Christina Rodes graduated with a BFA in Visual Arts from Marshall University and is currently living and working in West Virginia.

Rodes' photographic work has been featured in international publication including Photographer's Forum Annual Best of College and High School Photography, as well as local media in her home state of West Virginia and across the Appalachian region. Rodes was awarded membership to the Professional Photographers of WV (PPWV) organization in 2017 and has since remained very active with the local artists in her community as well as involved with the local park district. She photographs and photodocuments art (her own included), buildings and spaces, people, events, and more. Among some of her favorite things to shoot are West Virginia landscapes--free of garbage-- and gallery/museum spaces. 

Much of Rodes' paintings and collage works are also seen across the West Virginia and Appalachian region in galleries, universities, retail spaces, and law offices. Not limited to a single medium, currently Rodes' 2D+ works are largely inspired by the culture within her home state and community where resources are limited and recycling practices are devastatingly not the norm. She uses recycled and found materials and puts them directly into the works in hopes to force viewers to try to understand the extremity of the impact humans have on our planet, which we all share.

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